Podcasts on Divorce in California

Joe Spirito and Erin McGaughey were guest speakers in the following podcasts on Divorce in California hosted by Divorce Magazine. To listen to these podcasts, click the player below.

1. Joe Spirito on Collaborative Divorce in California
Joseph Spirito

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2. Erin McGaughey talks about the Divorce Process
Erin McGaughey

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An interview with Joe Spirito by Michael Weinstone of The Divorce Experience: A mediator’s perspective on the importance of selecting an appropriate consulting attorney for the mediation process,

3.  Joe Spirito Talks About Selecting a Consulting Attorney

4.  Alison Spirito discusses the benefits of divorce mediation and explains the mediation process.

alison spirito profile

Alison was the featured guest on the popular Moms Moving On podcast hosted by Michelle Dempsey-Multack.

Listen to it here