Collaborative Divorce

Settle Through Collaborative Divorce

McGaughey & Spirito is passionate about helping families resolve legal issues without damaging their relationships or depleting their financial resources. Collaborative divorce presents a progressive and practical alternative to traditional divorce litigation and focuses on finding fair solutions that accommodate the wishes of both parties without going to court.

Reaching a divorce agreement consensually through the collaborative process is often more effective and sustainable than receiving an order from a judge who doesn’t understand the details of your circumstances. The collaborative divorce process allows parties to create an agreement tailored to their family’s specific situation and needs, reduces the risk of post-divorce conflict, and is less expensive than litigation.

Experts in the Growing Field of Collaborative Divorce

Founding partner Joseph Spirito is a recognized authority in the field of collaborative divorce and helped introduce the collaborative model to Southern California. Not only is he among the most experienced collaborative divorce lawyers in the state, but he also educates other divorce professionals who want to become collaborative practitioners. Our attorneys have the training and expertise to evaluate your specific situation to determine if you are a good candidate for collaborative divorce and consensual dispute resolution.

Depending on the circumstances, your collaborative divorce may involve the services of forensic accountants, therapists, custody experts, and other collaborative professionals. McGaughey & Spirito has the professional connections necessary to successfully facilitate your collaborative divorce process from beginning to end.

Download Our Collaborative Divorce Guide

Collaborative Divorce GuideThis Collaborative Divorce Guide provides useful information
on the process and benefits of using collaborative divorce.
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