Mediation is a process where disputing parties work with a trained mediator to resolve their divorce disputes.  This is accomplished without going to court.  At McGaughey & Spirito, we can serve your mediation needs as the neutral mediator or, if you have already started the mediation process with a neutral mediator, we can be your legal counsel throughout the duration of the mediation process.

Mediation generally takes less time and money than litigation.  Unlike divorce or custody disputes in the court system, mediation offers privacy and control to both parties. Resolution is not about winning or losing; it is about creating solutions that work for everyone involved. You and your spouse know what is best for you (and your children) rather than being told by a judge how to divide your assets or co-parent your children, the parties with the mediator’s assistance determine the result. During the mediation process, you will also learn how to better communicate so that future conflicts can be minimized, thereby giving a now fragile relationship a chance to improve over time. Our mediators will foster a safe environment to express yourselves and resolve your issues.

An often-overlooked benefit of mediation is that a mediated agreement usually leads to more long-term cooperation between the parties. This is especially important when children are involved as the parties who participated in a successful mediation are much more likely to cooperate and amicably work together, thereby avoiding the inherent conflict (and associated stress on the children) connected with future court intervention.

At McGaughey & Spirito, dedicated mediation attorneys-- Joe Spirito and Alison Spirito --will promptly consult with you (and your spouse when acting as the neutral), assess your case and customize an approach to accomplish the unique goals of your divorce.  Mediation is not a one size fits all process.   Some parties come to mediation with complex financial, business, emotional, custody, and/or estate issues.  Others have no joint property or children and only need to move forward with the legalities of divorce.   We have the expertise to handle these scenarios and everything in between in a cost-effective manner.   Should you need the assistance of other professionals, we work closely with highly experienced accountants, financial advisors and mental health experts, all of whom are similarly devoted to resolving disputes outside of court.

Joe has helped more than a thousand clients achieve their divorce goals without going to court.   Please review Joe’s bio for details of his experience as a mediator and his leadership roles in Los Angeles’ legal community.   You can also view Joe on Youtube discussing aspects of the mediation process.   Alison has been awarded an MC3-Certified mediator designation, which is the premier certification for mediators.   Alison, selected by Super Lawyers as a Rising Star, is at the forefront of the next generation of professionals devoted to helping clients divorce without judicial intervention.   She has spoken on the advantages of mediation to national podcast audiences.   Please check out Alison’s bio for more detailed information of Alison’s experience and credentials.

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